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Versatile Blogger Award!

Wow, I don't think I've ever been awarded anything for this blog. And I've had two nominations in the last month. Feels pretty good to be liked for doing what I love. So first of all, thank you Sergio Alabiso ! And thank you to D7ana ! Both of you have been huge supporters and big time commenters even though I am a slacker and never comment on anything. I really appreciate the love. You all can click on their names to link to their respective blogs. And view the VBA rules here: 15 is pretty small number to nominate so if I leave you out, I apologize. The Toybox Philosopher Hey, It's Muff The Duke of Swann A Doll Affinity The Traveling Twig All 4 Barbie One Sixth Avenue My Froggy Stuff One Sixth Scale Dollhouse The Fashion Doll Review Shuga Shug I Luv Dolls Fashion Dolls at Van's Doll Treasures The Waverlys Saucy Suwi's Building of The Priors Hmm, now seven things about myself?

Farewell Romany

Two in a row? I know, it's craziness. I'm organizing my pictures and realized I took these a while back and never shared them because I thought they'd come out better. Perfect. But since trading away Carmen and changing Milosh to Raj Nirvana and possibly since I'm considering selling the caravan, and since Dani doesn't live in Grandville anymore...well, these shots struck a cord. Taken right before Dani decides to leave Grandville and claim her birthright. I don't even know what the dialogue was. So I'm just gonna make stuff up. He shall never farm this land again. Carmen has stopped taking clients, but agrees to do one last reading for Princess Dani. Though the cards were clear indicators of the good fortune to come, she asked Carmen to see what she could about love. Since her break with Felix and since she would soon be very rich, she wasn't sure she would find sincere love again. "Three suitors there will be. One will be true.

Goodies from Etsy

Hi doll friends! I was going to wait to show you my new goodies from the magical land of Etsy. I got a new doll and wanted to intro her with the new items but she just wasn't having it. She stated that she had not signed any release documents indicating that she or her likeness would be used to endorse products of any nature. Once she threatened legal action, I decided to just give her her own post at a later date. Jeez. First up is my first time order with Nommy Miniatures ! For my project, I need some food that will hold up in front of the camera. *hint* Each of these sets came with two items each so it was double the value for me. This is my first polymer food purchase too. These pieces are beautifully realistic. Next are my friends at Blinkydoll's Boutique ! After having such a good experience with the Blinkydoll gals, I went to them with a custom order that was rolling around in the back of my head for a while. I wanted a desk. A simple desk. Not an L shaped offi