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Happy 100 Followers!

Found my camera cord and just in time. Vita Plastica has reached 100 followers and all without a significant presence in the doll world other than this blog of ramblings and sub-par doll pics. You people like my demented mind. I have been really lucky to be part of such a wonderful community of artists. So to thank you for your support and for all being so inspiring, I'm offering giveaway. Just leave a comment and you will enter in the drawing for her. Please don't comment if you're not interested. I guess I'll do the drawing, what, April 1st? You see how official I am being about this thing. Look, I'm Dani, and that means I'm not going to trick you with a bunch of flowery language. I'm going to be very honest at the risk of making this doll seem unattractive. I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, Seashore Rebel Natalia. She will come with all her original accessories. She is a used doll. She (along with two others from her line) was my first Fash

That Giveaway Thing

I am so late with so much stuff!  I owe three of you some fun packages in the mail and I discovered I'm up to 99 followers, which means it's nearly giveaway time! I promise this evening I will post the pic of our giveaway doll. I took actual pictures. I hope you like her. Everything's been nuts here. So many changes with work and home and even in doll life.  So sit tight and I'll whine about all my problems later, k? smooches, dani UPDATE: Can't find my camera cord. Dang it! Tomorrow.

Channel One Action News!

"Good evening, Grandville, I'm Lavita Terrell reporting live from Grandville's hottest spot for the avant guard set, Population." "The mood here is really upbeat. Everyone's happy to be out of their boxes, reunited with their loved ones. We'll all be at each other's throats soon enough but for now, we're all just happy to be home." "Poppy Parker, how are you feeling tonight?" "Very optimistic. I'm hoping to get more work this time around. I heard the Flesh Human was thinking of giving me a name change.That could spice things up." "Well good luck to you on that Poppy. It's hard to click with the Flesh Human when she doesn't buy you herself. Stay strong."   "Sookie Fear, Grandville's own enfant terrible. How does it feel to be home?" "Oh it's great Lavita! I can't wait for the school to open!"  "And I hope to have my own photostory too, Flesh

The New Grandville!

Hi folks! I am so exhausted. I haven't even wanted to take any available time (any time the girls are sleeping) to blog or take pictures. I really wanted the doll room together. Still much more to do but I'm off to a good start. But first, I think you should sit down. Let's talk. During the unpacking, it was just like any other doll situation, the dolls direct the action. Sometimes you can't help what a doll is feeling. It's no one's fault. Well, it's mostly Hanna's fault. But Dani and Felix are not getting married. They tried to reconcile but Dani just couldn't live with the whole town knowing their private shame. Dani now resides at Josephine's Home for Wayward Singles where she set herself up with a lonely girl studio apartment. The new owner of her and Felix's house is Mistress Ava. I'd been wanting to do a goth house or give her a dungeon, so she has a little of both. Okay Ava, I get it, I'll put some kind of risers und