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Introducing Nymeria and the Alurium Vaccarra

Ever have a couple of days off Facebook and though you wonder what happened to your friends over the long weekend, you can help feeling a little peaceful? That's how I feel in my week of staying off the blogs and forums and various sites. But I missed a lot! So many cool posts! It's going to take a while to dig myself out. One must wonder, did my creative spurt have something to do with not being all over the web looking at what everyone else is doing? Anyway let's get to it. So on my birthday, my three Stardolls arrived! Aside from the outfit, that Paris one was not cute. I dunno, she's too boring looking. But Iris was THRILLED that she got a new, dressed doll. Well for a few minutes anyway. Did you know that they can't bend their legs? Like they can't sit down? Terrible. Anyway, the other two were great! Inspiring. Meet Valentina. A Columbiana who restores classic cars. She was very happy with a Liv body. She might be Nadia's next girlfriend, w

Celery Seed, finally a useful spice

You know when you get those spice racks with the spices already in it (I know, they've probably been sitting around for years but in a pinch, they do just fine), there are always spices that you never use. Celery Seed? What would I even put it in? What does it taste like? Well I'll never know until they feature it on Iron Chef or similar. But following Amithi 's advice, I did some experimenting with Nymeria, my alien. I was going to save this for the big reveal but I'm no good at keeping my own secrets. So after two coats of this, I mixed some paint, a few shades darker than Nymeria's skin and gave it a couple of good thick coats.  I think I'll use the same shade (watered down) for her lips. Here's what I accomplished so far: Finished the Alurium Vaccarra. I think. I mean, will I ever be finished?  Removed all of Sugar's hair only to find that my mohair does not behave like I thought. I may have to attach the hair to a piece of cloth or

Selfish Blog Post

Do you ever have a blog post that is totally selfish? Where you know you are really just talking to yourself? I have these often. Like every time I say I'm going on hiatus or here is my list of goals or whatever. Maybe it's a sign of insanity but an old boyfriend once told me that talking to oneself is a great organization tool. Well my friends, next week I have all but one day off work.  You've seen what I can accomplish with 2 hours of solitude as long as I'm organized! I've hit another snag with Nymeria the alien. I bought some lovely wool that was billed as "mohair" I dunno what this crap is. Maybe it was mohair once upon a time, but no longer.  It's sort of like using cotton balls as hair and just as easy to comb. It has quickly degraded into a ratty mess. Now I'm thinking of using some blond hair I have on hand and dying it with acrylic paint (Doll University Lesson!) then rerooting her. Not sure I want regular human hair thought. I t

Losing my Cool over Stardoll

My birthday is right around the corner on the 22nd. Yet my cheapskate children have not yet given me a gift. Really, like 2 years old is too young to go get a job?  Slackers.  Some of my favorite bloggers have been buzzing about these dolls and I can't deny the ache in my stomach. I need one. Or five. But what to choose? Go look here if you live under a rock: Oooh, the accessory packs! Pant pant pant. Okay, calm down girl. Don't tell the Hubs, but I just bought three on  I find that pictures of these dolls pretty elusive! But we doll folks have seen them all. So, sucker for brunettes that I am, I got the two "goth" girls (duh) and the brunette Bonjour Bizou doll. Which, really? She doesn't look particularly Parisian. Just kind of a punker chick outfit with a Chanel jacket.  I also want the Doll Space blonde with the Chanelesque jacket but I haven't seen her for sale. The Pretty

What I've been up to

Well my people, I said I wasn't interested in Monster High, right? I certainly don't want and can't afford get caught up on another type of doll that cannot share Barbie's clothes.  But while doing a casting call for my alien girl, I decided I really couldn't use the Monsieur Z I was going to use. So glad I didn't give her an acetone wipe! So after going to the Figurevore forum and looking around for ideas, I came up on another user who was working on a sci-fi tale. She used a Monster High Body. My girl is supposed to be half  grey-type alien and half human so the silhouette is just perfect. I told the Hubs I needed a Monster High girl for my bday (on the 22nd) but he had to choose between Lagoona, Ghoulia and Frankie. They all had the sort of color I was looking for. He came up with the perfect choice in Lagoona. She is my favorite. So I ripped open the box 12 days early, stripped her down and before I could fall in love with those big eyes, removed all h

Sexy GILF and Spacecraft!

All reroots are best handled by people other than me. Reroots, like sewing are tasks that are more fun to plan and procrastinate over than to do. This one in particular. I wanted Mama Fear to have a mix of black and silver hair and I just knew I wasn't capable of making that look pretty. So I sent her off to Cat at A Doll Affinity . Have you been to her blog? She does the best photostory videos. And her rerooting service is a bargain! Cat did an amazing job! In fact, I have to rethink Mama Fear. She's just so pretty. The Hubs calls her a MILF. I guess GILF is more like it.  I hate that I have to cut this hair to give her a proper bun, which she will have forever. Maybe I'll take my time, maybe do a back story or something...(by the way, I'm the one who jacked up her thatched part because I was playing with it too much trying to figure out her bun). Also, excuse the crazy eyes. I dabbed a little liquid liner to see if I could even out the light reflection in