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How Penny Gets her Groove Back

'Sup. Man, it's been a minute, huh? So I might have mentioned I'm working on a big project. It's going well but with only two hours to work on it a day (after kiddie bed time), it's slow. I think I'll do the reveal in a week or two. So I haven't been doing much doll play. But I've been buying supplies for the project and loads of doll clothes. But no time to photograph them or dress a doll in them. But today I took a little time to finally introduce Peeta (Grandville name TBD). Even though photography is still a challenge, I forgot how satisfying it is to play out these little lives. While not a full photostory, I'm moving things forward at least. Penny stops by Hot Wax & Heroes on her way home. Hmm , she thinks, I don't recognize that skateboard. I guess Ian has company. "Hey Ian. Oh!" "Hey Penny, this is Malcolm." "I haven't seen you around. Are you new to Grandville?" "Yeah me a

The Vinyls Hold Auditions

It's been a while since you've seen the Vinyls. They were supposed to perform at the Grandville Summer Festival but I got lazy. The Vinyls did perform in Grandville park that one time: Twilight Edward was the lead singer but his paleness has limited my body options and that makeup I put on him to darken him up will not hold up under the new camera, so he's out. Still, seedy, dangerous Grandville needs its band. So they held auditions for a few Grandvillians who were interested. First up, Marie. She and Zeke had great guitar chemistry. They never knew Blake had such a good singing voice. He brought a real trip hop element to their ensemble. His singing sounds like he's reciting a poem. And then came Raj Nirvana, belting it out and just feelin' it, man. The Vinyls felt really embarrassed for him. "I really like Marie," Aragorn urges. Bailey protests, "You just want to bone her." "Well duh." "Ma

Acquisitions and a Quick Craft

Hello doll friends! My Dad must have passed on his hoarder gene to me. He has a workshop that has taken over a small room and a two car garage. He has everything. You need to build a lamp, you got it. You want to paint 10 rooms? No problem. Helping him clean out the garage, I end up taking a bunch of his junk and he gets to feel like he's not really throwing it away. I got this piece out of his recycling pile. What is it?  I dunno. But I know what it's gonna be. And then I saw this black piece. Hey, they fit! Cut a piece of doll box plastic to fit, hot glue and boom.   Shopping! I had been drooling over Blinkydoll's Etsy shop and especially this baby . But I couldn't get it. I could not rationalize it. I do not have a kitchen good enough for this counter. But then I came up with a nice big doll project and when I decided I couldn't be trusted to build something out of foam core for it, I thought this would be a perfect idea. Just wai