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Grandville Summer Festival!

Hello doll friends, First up, I gotta show you this. My 4 year old was playing with my Barbie cast-offs and set up this little scene. (That yellow thing on the table is a TV shaped eraser.) Dig the lamp she made with a wedding cake and the pole from maybe a Barbie dress form? Adorbs. Anyway, this weather (raining pretty much daily for the last month or so) has wrecked my spray painting plans. Much of the royal storyline rests on this painting project. So for now I decided to continue the other stories I have going. Enjoy: "Ho-ly crap, what on earth are you wearing?" "Aw, Sook, I feel bad enough."   "Seriously. You are wearing khakis. You look cray cray. You're like somebody's mom right now. Please explain this situation." "My boss said my outfit was too sexy so I had to borrow something from Le Skater Dork over there at the cafe. Jeez, now I owe her one. Oh crap Channel 1 News is here."   "Thanks John. Lavita

A Doll Affinity Giveaway!

Hey guys, check out A Doll Affinity's awesome giveaway! And share and share and share. Custom re-root and handmade fashion! I would wish you luck, but I want this ice queen. smooches

As promised...

I shot all these in my new park and realized, I dunno, maybe it's the lightness of the background and my inexperience with lighting, but every single shot was blurry. So I had to scrap it all and do it again. Here's a little background and some catch -up info: As you may remember, Tallulah was educated in NY, then abroad. At Zolandia University. There she was a friend of Princess Victoire and lover of Prince Victor. Their love was a secret one and Tallulah knew it would never last. Later he would run away from the crown, marry Miss Fear and impregnate her with Dani (who they gave up for adoption). Tallulah gave up any dreams of Victor and moved on. But she never forgot the magical connection they had. Tallulah often wakes up early to head down to the farmer's stand in Grandville Park. "Good Morning Miss Wilde."  "Good Morning, teenage person. Have you any leeks today?" On the other side of Grandville Park are Prince Vi

Two Story Updates!

Hello my dears! It's been longer than I wanted but I had some improvements to make. The Hubs was kind enough to give up some of our shared space in the basement so I could have my workshop separate from the town of Grandville. Now I have a bit more room to spread out. I'll do a tour of that in the next post I think. My big challenge is backgrounds. I have been plagued with wood paneled walls in my doll rooms. And when I expanded Grandville park recently it became a real issue. So I painted some Dollar Tree foamcore (uh, just remove the paper if you plan on painting). And voila, blue sky. It's not cute at the creases but it is so much better than wood paneled sky. Let's get to it. Okay remember I was going to have a place called The Spot? Well I soon realized I did not have upscale swanky bar/lounge furniture. So I used what I had and made Sutra, Isha's bar/lounge (a cover for her secret underground brothel). Isha entertaining a client. Nikki makes eye co