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Story Updates. Pics Galore

Hello my friends. Man, it has been a dramatic week or so. Seems like everyone is having relationship drama (except me) and I have this sick desire to see everyone happy at all times, so it is emotionally draining! Better to butt out and stick to the business of plastic drama. Anywho: Ms. Figueroa addresses the class:  "Who can tell me what countries are currently at war? Morgan?" "Uh, my hand wasn't up." "No, because they were too busy texting. You know the rules, bring it here." "Sorry Ms. Figueroa." "I'd rather not go through this every day Morgan. You can have it back after class." "G'night Ms. Figueroa. Have a good weekend." "You too, Raven." "Daddy, what are you doing here? Sookie's giving me a ride." "Hi sweetie. Just here to have a word with Ms. Figueroa." "Oh, um, okay. Can I go to the record store after school?" "Su

Dolly Reassignments

My Fellow Collectors, Did you know I used to write novels?  Well I did and they sucked magnificently. My main problem (other than plot and all the writing that wasn't dialogue) is my inability to edit. How can one edit? Whatever I wrote really happened and you can't change the past. Once I tried. It wasn't even in the novel. It was this fully fleshed out back story that went on for 30 pages. When I decided she'd be a better jewel thief than a private detective, I had to scrap that back story. But I was never free of it. Sometimes I'd refer to something in her past but it was that OTHER girl's past. Why the hell am I talking about this? It's about my Heartbreaker TJ. I have such a hard time with this girl. And just when I want to sell her, I look at that bone structure, that beautiful hair and I just cannot bear to dump her. So I reinvent. I EDIT her. She so purdy. A good model but boring. She's been a reporter, a socialite, model (for Dolly

School's In for Summer [LOTSA PICS!]

Hey folks! Okay normal teenagers are dismissed from school by now but Grandville High (name may change) is now in session. All we have is a classroom right now which will be redecorated for different subjects being taught in the room. I want to add a hallway with lockers too but that will probably very lo-fi, like the Froggy Stuff way. I am definitely adding a front to it, so the kids can smoke on the stairs and judge each other. I think this is maybe a global current events class. You know Grandville had to get chichi with the education of their delinquents.  I'm going to have to move Morgan over so you can see what she's doing. But there's more my friends. Wondering what Hanna's been up to? Raimunda's been teaching her some cooking fundamentals. "Okay Hanna, it's quite easy. Fill the pot with water, turn on the burner and wait. When you see bubbles, that means it's boiling." "Great. Now what is a burner?" Franco: