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Man, Dig This Crazy Pad!

So I'm listening to The Beat Generation box set, which includes poetry readings, interviews and bop jazz from that era. There's a song called Kookie's Mad Pad: <p><p><br><br><br>dcc</p></p> Can you dig it?  I knew that you could. Anyway, this got me thinking about Holly Golightly's party and her apartment. I thought about recreating it for dolls and found this blogpost ! I was so excited. It mentions lots of little details and things I had forgotten. Then I started thinking about those Holly Golightly dolls they came out with. I know she's not Audrey Hepburn but I'm not thri

Do You Like Me? I Like You

Hi everyone. I removed the Vita Plastica facebook page and created a new page that isn't a "friend" page, if you know what I mean. So if you've friended me on Facebook, please go "like" the new " Vita Plastica " page. I promise I will fill it with pictures and stuff. Maybe I'll post things that are too short for a blog post, like angry rants on why Mattel doesn't do this or that. So here I am Please come show me some love! smooches, dani

The Vita Plastica Intern and a Million Other Things

Allow me to present, Maia, the Vita Plastica intern. That is the glorified title for my niece who volunteered to help with my unpacking and reorganizing. Maia has been an important part of my doll collecting. Over the last decade or so I'd get sick of my dolls and donate them all to her. I did this at least 2 or 3 times. Well when she grew out of them a few years ago, I got everything back plus her stuff which was awesome! Boxes and boxes of stuff! Now Maia is 13 and though she doesn't play with dolls she's still really interested in what we adults do with our dolls. Last Christmas when I asked what she wanted she requested a subscription to FDQ. One day she will be like us. Until then, I will force her into free labor. So anyway, she unpacked all the dolls.  It was way too brief.  But the 1:1 house needed work too. But in a few weeks she will help me build Gypsy Park. It was going to be a little park in the corner on the floor. But Iris has shown too much interest in

Celebrity Repaint Assistance!

You know, about a year ago, I decided I would do a recurring segment about my Favorite things. It never occurred again. I tend to curse myself when I say I'm going to do something on a weekly basis. So I'm not even going to pretend that I'm going to do this again, though I do have the best intentions... There are many people out there in doll world that are deserving of praise and to be pimped. If not for Smidgehouse many of you wouldn't be here reading this. So today I'm going to tell you about my doll friends, starting with Angela! We met several months ago on the Doll Divas board. She was looking for a Barbie head and I happened to have it. It started a great trading friendship. As we began to talk she told me about her skill in matching doll sculpts with human faces. I mentioned 100 years ago wanted to repaint a Poppy Parker for my daughter since she has that signature pout. I mentioned this to Angela and she did some research and found several other molds

The Year of...

Okay if you follow this blog, you know I don't make New Year's resolutions, I name my year . I give it a name that will encompass all the goals I have for myself. This year was the Year of Luxury. I bought many things for me and my dolls but as it turns out, I kept buying dolls which I was not supposed to do...But at least they were mostly Barbie. Man I thought I bought stuff this year but there's so much more I want and need. Always so much more. The fetish girls need chairs ($65 each from Horsman ), Penny needs an older sister to help her through her teen alcoholism (Downtown Darling Jett), everyone needs clothes, and there are several independent doll crafters out there that I want to support, (I'm looking at you Vanessa ) but haven't gotten to for one reason or another. Anyway in 2012, I really need to concentrate on buying a house. A 1:1 house that is. I have to keep my goal in mind even though I'm totally bummed about not being able to buy

The Doll Room So Far

I finally hung some art in the rest of the house. It never fails to make the place instantly look finished. And it basically is. Well, not the dining room. It has some hideous flowery wallpaper and I just don't know what to do in there to say, "We know it's bad, but we have to live with it for now," or "Yes we hate it and let's mock it openly."  Making that place normal looking almost says, "We approve of this wallpaper and not even in an ironic way." Okay sorry got caught up in my 1:1 decor. Here's what you really want to know about. Here's what we have so far.  Though I'm sure it's not the final spot for anything. Going clockwise around the room.    On that little wing of the desk, I might make a green space for the dolls to picnic or whatever. I really like the white backgrounds in the Expedit shelf so I think I'll stick some plain white foam core back there instead of agonizing over decorating backing panels right

Dream Doll Room

Sorry for the teaser, I'm still all boxed up. Man, that room is big. I'm no Saucy Suiwi but it must be twice the size of the last. It's a pretty daunting task, building your dream room. When I unpack I'll find you the rough sketch I made. I'm sure the real thing will not measure up for quite a while. You know with the popularity of Facebook and blogging, real life social issues have been replaced by electronic ones. So when my social circle (followers) decreases by one or two numbers, I'm filled with self doubt and worry. What did I do? Is it because I haven't done photostories in a zillion years? Because my photographs suck? Because I'm not interested/capable of buying every Fashion Royalty that comes out? Is it because Johnny asked me to prom and not her? Waaah! But then I remembered that I'm a doll lover first and a blogger second. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up on this doll world. You look at other collectors and see what you don&