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The Vita Plastica Intern and a Million Other Things

Allow me to present, Maia, the Vita Plastica intern. That is the glorified title for my niece who volunteered to help with my unpacking and reorganizing.

Maia has been an important part of my doll collecting. Over the last decade or so I'd get sick of my dolls and donate them all to her. I did this at least 2 or 3 times. Well when she grew out of them a few years ago, I got everything back plus her stuff which was awesome! Boxes and boxes of stuff!

Now Maia is 13 and though she doesn't play with dolls she's still really interested in what we adults do with our dolls. Last Christmas when I asked what she wanted she requested a subscription to FDQ. One day she will be like us. Until then, I will force her into free labor.

So anyway, she unpacked all the dolls.  It was way too brief.  But the 1:1 house needed work too. But in a few weeks she will help me build Gypsy Park. It was going to be a little park in the corner on the floor. But Iris has shown too much interest in my caravan, so I'm not sure...
 There was a poster sale here on campus so I got a few. Times Square:
 Pre- 9/11 skyline
 I think this is Hong Kong.
 The closet is a bit more organized though I'm not sure you can tell...

 I feel sorry for anyone I have made purchase with since the move. They will not get a proper review until I have some time and space. But here goes. See the awesome shelf in the blue room? That's from BuildingIdea on etsy that I keep telling you about. They just added loads of stuff. Check it out.

The dolls, unpacked and unorganized.
Dani and Felix are so happy to be back together.They were packed separately. "Do you see what that mortal did to my bangs? She can't pack worth a damn." 

 "Ah, my hair survived! Now where's that Remi I've heard about?"

I just got this chair from Horsman for Mistress Ava. I liked the way the leather straps suggested bondage.  But it is not scaled very well. It's really big. I'm glad I didn't get two. But Ava likes it enough. Also, I missed dealing with a real person. Horsman does not care if I like it or not. No feedback, no new doll friend.
I also ordered this adorable sock monkey hat from Dawn at One Sixth Sense. It's such great quality. She's an amazing repaint artist too. One day I'll be able to afford one...

What else? Yeah so I saw a very simple shift dress for dolls and it was friggin $65! Ridiculous. So I called my seamstress mother and told her I need to work on dolls clothes. Not that I'm planning on selling (for now) but at least for clothing my peeps.  So she tells me her job gave her a sewing machine for her retirement and she's giving it to me. Buying my mom a sewing machine is like someone random buying me a doll. You're inevitably going to get it wrong and buy a lower end of what I really want. She's got the factory model sewing machine, a little portable one is not going to do anything for her. But it will do a lot for me!

She also told me I will inherit her sewing room (well, the contents) since no one else is interested in carrying on the family trade. (Honestly I'm not too interested either but hey maybe I'll learn to like it. Just look at how productive Corset Kitten has been).

Okay I think that's it for now. I'm getting closer folks! Soon there will be real photos and photostories and more Dolly University!



  1. Maia is beautiful and cheap labor to boot..definite plus for you :O). Looks like you're making some serious progress. I like the posters too.

  2. Maia is gorgeous!! That is super cool that she helped you get your dolls out and organized. The monkey hat is cute! BTW, Remi and Trichelle will make a cute couple. Lol!

  3. Maia is a gorgeous young lady! You guys are really making progress on your doll room...and those closet shelves are awesome!

    I agree with Georgia Girl, Trichelle and Remi would be really cute together.

  4. I would be lying if I didn't say I was totally jealous about you having Maia. Do you know how long I have been wnating my very own Maia. Great progress is being made over there. Love the little stories. Can't wait to see your new dolly clothes.


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