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Man, Dig This Crazy Pad!

So I'm listening to The Beat Generation box set, which includes poetry readings, interviews and bop jazz from that era. There's a song called Kookie's Mad Pad:

Can you dig it?  I knew that you could.

Anyway, this got me thinking about Holly Golightly's party and her apartment. I thought about recreating it for dolls and found this blogpost! I was so excited. It mentions lots of little details and things I had forgotten.

Then I started thinking about those Holly Golightly dolls they came out with. I know she's not Audrey Hepburn but I'm not thrilled about that price tag. Or her weird, close-set eyes. There is the Audrey Barbie which is a pretty good likeness...One more indulgence for Year of Luxury?

Remember MaryAnn Roy's Barbara Novak (Down with Love) apartment?  I've always been a fan of it and when you really look at it, it's pretty simple. Well, okay not the couch, but still! 

Okay I know I have pressing matters to take care of. But my mom agreed to babysit the kids for a full day this weekend and I'm not wasting a single minute of it. I will unpack all the doll homes, work with any noxious chemicals I need to.

Then I'm giving myself permission to start a new project without finishing any of the old ones. Remember the airplane? The lighthouse? Ooops. And I do owe Mistress Ava a home...

Onto other subjects:

My mom came over this weekend for a formal sewing lesson. We practically finished a doll dress! I wish I wasn't using scrap fabric. 

QUESTION: My mom kept saying that because of the size I'll be hand-sewing most of the stuff, not using the machine. What do you think? Do you use your sewing machine for doll clothes?

ANOTHER QUESTION:  Corsetkitten mentioned that since I added that Facebook badge, my blog looks a little weird. Does it look different to you? I darkened the font but it doesn't seem to have made a difference on her end...



  1. That is great that you will get a chance to work on your room. In reference to first question, I do the majority of my sewing by hand. The only time that I basically use the machine is when I am sewing multiples (usually for commissions) or want really clean lines.


  2. I have attempted hand sewing, but prefer sewing it on my machine. I am always looking for more time, and when I can zip through on the sewing machine, handsewing is just not appealing at all. Using stabilizer is the key to sewing small garments on the machine. Your blog looks the same to me.

  3. Unless everything closed off with velcro/snaps/zippers, including all pant legs, sleeves, etc. you're going to need to hand sew a lot. Even skinny jeans (for humans/me) I can't hem on my machine (and I love skinny jeans, plus I'm super short, boo. Haha).


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