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The Doll Room So Far

I finally hung some art in the rest of the house. It never fails to make the place instantly look finished. And it basically is. Well, not the dining room. It has some hideous flowery wallpaper and I just don't know what to do in there to say, "We know it's bad, but we have to live with it for now," or "Yes we hate it and let's mock it openly."  Making that place normal looking almost says, "We approve of this wallpaper and not even in an ironic way."

Okay sorry got caught up in my 1:1 decor. Here's what you really want to know about. Here's what we have so far.  Though I'm sure it's not the final spot for anything. Going clockwise around the room. 
On that little wing of the desk, I might make a green space for the dolls to picnic or whatever.
I really like the white backgrounds in the Expedit shelf so I think I'll stick some plain white foam core back there instead of agonizing over decorating backing panels right now.
Josephine's house is still on the floor. I really need to find something for it to sit on. Iris is already looking at it like she's wondering what to steal first.

Where the printer is sitting is going to be my area for photos. I think. I dunno, I have to rethink everything. I want a photography station by the window to take advantage of natural light, but I don't want it sitting in the middle of the floor. I dunno, I'll tackle that when I get to the photography chapter of Dolly University.

This closet is very quickly becoming a hot mess but I did have to sit the furniture somewhere until I get things settled. I'd prefer it if this closet mostly contained the crafty (read: ugly) items like sheets of foam core, paints, fabric etc.

That's it so far. I also have some goodies on the way. Sinatra Barbie (for the outfit and body, I'm trading the head) She's on sale by the way, Barbie basics 2.5, number 14 the blonde. I almost bought the brunette of that mold. I really like her nose, but I saw her on too many blogs, so held out for this one. She's going to be my romantic Victorian goth. She'll be friends with Mistress Ava and may be a new recruit into fetish working but two dolls with one profession in the small town of Grandville seems like a waste.

I also got the accessory pack that goes with 2.5

Okay I'm going to study train sets so I can spark some imagination for Grandville. I'm thinking of painting, then gluing a bunch of Barbie house facades together for a look like this:

I also need to do something for sound absorption in there. Green grass-looking rug? Hmmm.



  1. Wow, look at that room! Space, glorious space, lol. It's coming along pretty quickly and you've got some very cool ideas. I told myself that I was going to buy ONE BB 2.5 but I'm torn with which one I'm going to purchase. I want No. 8 but only for her body...already have her face from previous basics. But I also want No. 4...she's altered just enough to not look like my BB Jeans No. 4. *Sigh* Decisions, decisions.

    Anyway, can't wait to see more! :)

  2. I was tempted by 4 but 8's face looks like she has no eyebrows. I'm not usually a fan of blondes but she has black nail polish and silver accessories so I couldn't resist!

    I am really excited about my doll room. My mother heckles me every day about it. "So when the girls want to share a room, you're going to give up your doll room so they can have the bigger room right?" No way lady!

    You know what I really want? Your Aja! She's a Hard Rock Cafe, right? She's on my Holy Grail list.

  3. It's coming together very well. I love that your rooms are at eye level. Using the closet is perfect for storing the furniture. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  4. LOL...that's when you start the whole...I carried them for 12 months and was in labor for 14 days, I deserve a room! LOL...

    Yeah, Aja's sister Brooklyn is the Hard Rock Cafe' Barbie. I had been eyeing her for a year, finally got her! She was pre-owned but at least never played with and she came with a fabulous leopard dress. :) I see her from time to time on eBay so I'll keep my fingers crossed you find her for a nice price.

  5. Wow! You do have lots of great space! Looking forward to seeing more of what you do with it!

  6. This is soo awesome! Very space saavy, indeed. Where did you get those cool shelves (Expedit) from (a store or online)?

  7. Hi Angela. The Expedits are from Ikea. There are lots of different sizes too. Maybe next time I'll get the 36 cube unit! But bear in mind, they make for very snug rooms. I saw someone once who had a similar Ikea shelf but each shelf space was about twice the size. Now if I could find that one....


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