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Dream Doll Room

Sorry for the teaser, I'm still all boxed up. Man, that room is big. I'm no Saucy Suiwi but it must be twice the size of the last. It's a pretty daunting task, building your dream room. When I unpack I'll find you the rough sketch I made. I'm sure the real thing will not measure up for quite a while.

You know with the popularity of Facebook and blogging, real life social issues have been replaced by electronic ones. So when my social circle (followers) decreases by one or two numbers, I'm filled with self doubt and worry. What did I do? Is it because I haven't done photostories in a zillion years? Because my photographs suck? Because I'm not interested/capable of buying every Fashion Royalty that comes out? Is it because Johnny asked me to prom and not her? Waaah!

But then I remembered that I'm a doll lover first and a blogger second. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up on this doll world. You look at other collectors and see what you don't have and can't afford. You see awesome talents that you don't have. It's easy to let it get you down instead of letting it inspire you with all the potential this hobby has for us. And how dang HAPPY it makes me just to see your doll rooms. And how sweet and supportive this community is.

I love you guys. And you totally inspire me.

So what would your dream doll room look like? I'd love for mine to look like a giant version of model train homes. You know, to look like a real town, complete with lawns and trees and stuff. Ever see Em'lia's doll room? I'd love something like that. But in the interest of my knees and sticky fingered rugrats, I'd like it elevated like train sets are.

Stephie Jo uses kitchen counters and cupboards. See it here.

It would be really fun to work on that doll world of mine. In the meantime, I'm thinking dollhouse in tables all around the room. In the future, these tables will be 6-8 inches more depth than the dollhouse. Then I'll build sidewalks and stuff. Underneath, maybe storage, a parking garage for the vehicles or whatever. I'm excited just thinking about it. My dad's a carpenter and now that we've moved he is just right down the street. It can be really simple construction I think...

What about you? What does your dream doll room look like?

I promise to be back soon with pics and stuff.



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  2. Well, your room sounds like a dream to me. I'm thinking of book cases around my room using the bottom shelves for storage making it harder for the lil' one to reach my dioramas.

    I for one love your blog posts. I like everyone I follow for different reasons. Some give loads of info on doll "stuff" a lot of which I'd never seen before and places to get things cheaper. Others I love the story telling and dioramas, etc. Your blog is definitely a favorite of mine. Here, I get my edgy fix! Your characters are unique with crazy cool stories. And your doll houses...forgetaboutit...fabulous. :)

    I decided I wasn't going to look at my number of subscribers because I can't afford a lot of the items to make great dios. I remind myself that I'm doing this for me and it's a fun hobby. It's easy for me to get carried away looking at all the cool stuff on these blogs but I check myself...because if it costs more money then I've spend on the lil' one then I'm out of control. LOL. But I'd like to think it's a welcoming place where pretentious peeps don't dwell. For me, if I can't afford to rock Jason Wu, my dolls aren't rockin' it. ;)

    Congrats on your new doll room, can't wait to see it.

  3. Yeah I'm going to have to learn to sew because I just will not spend more on a pair of doll jeans than I will on my own jeans!

  4. This is the 4th doll person that mentioned losing a follower around the same time frame. That is no coincidence. I believe one of two things has happened. 1)With the new blogger interface, maybe there was some cleanup that happened. 2)More than likely it may be the same couple of people that have changed their focus and perhaps isn't doing dolls like they did before. Initially, when I thought it was just me, I too felt a little bad. Then I remembered that I blog for me, not everyone else. As long as I like what I am posting (or not posting), I am happy.

    I would love to live in a loft with tons of open space. The bulk of it would be open shelving and waist high tables intertwined so that I could build realistic interconnecting rooms. There would be permanent interior walls and removable exterior walls for proper picture taking. There would be porches and decks, and a street full of beautiful shops.

    Along the walls would be all white built in storage units, similar to what you would find at the Container Store. I would have a separate room with a sewing area and a workstation set up for my clay creations. There would be a futon in this room so I could take a nap when needed. There would be a wall just for all of my resource books. Make that 2 walls. I have a lot of books.

  5. Good to know Vanessa. I'll stop crying myself to sleep! hahah. I love the sound of your fantasy doll room. And in our dream world, we are all organized and can find everything exactly when we need it! :)

  6. Dani, I also love your stories and dioramas and look forward to your post.

    My dream doll room would be a huge room where I could display my collection on one side and have shelving on the other for dioramas. The display dolls would be on glass stands and cases. A small section of the room would be a work station that would consist of my sewing machine and proper storage to hold all of my supplies. The closet would be the length of the longest wall and would be used for storage for my diorama stuff, clothes, etc. Last but not least, I would love to have a chandelier in there.

    This was a great question because it helped me with designing my doll room that has been in the making since I moved here 7 years ago.


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