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Farewell to Smidge and Hello to the Stuff You're Gonna Buy!

Well folks, it's been a while since we've seen Smidgehouse and I can say I frequently think of her and miss her.  But alas, as if often does, real life gets in the way of plastic life and she must bid us farewell. But she's not going out without an Etsy party! She's having a massively discounted sale, so pick up some Smidgehouse items and help contribute to her upcoming move. See her blog post here: And visit her Etsy shop here: Then go to Flickr and upload your Smidgehouse furniture pics here so she can go view them later and get all veklempt: Be sure to stop on over at her blog and wish her luck. smooches, dani

Gimme your Facebook!

Hi folks, I feel the need to integrate my blog with my Facebook page. And I feel bad that I go to all your blogs but I hardly ever comment. I am a victim of the Facebook age. I want to "like" your posts and know that you know that I like your posts. So anyway, will you send me a link to your Facebook pages? I know there are a number of you I followed as myself, Danielle, but I want Vita Plastica to follow you. So post your FB pages in the comments, okay? Even if I am FB friends with you so others can see and follow you as well. I'm here: I've been posting more often and I'll try to keep it up! smooches, dani

The Rebirth of Hanna

 Midnight in Grandville... "Zzzzz." "Awaken, my princess," whispers a stranger.  "Gasp!" "Oh, don't worry, I'm not interested in what you have under those sheets. I have an entirely different purpose," the stranger hissed. "Who are you?" "I'm your fairy gothfather, of course!" "My wah?" "I've come to tell you Hanna, this nice girl, apologetic act of yours must stop. You are not this person." "But I'm better now, I can be good, I can be kind." "My child, your heart is black.You will never be like other people. And it's time you started taking some pride in it." "I don't think you know the risk you are posing to your life, to your soul if you continue to be a goody two shoes." "Tomorrow, Franco will break up with Raimunda. And then it will just be the two of you." "It's likely

Grandville Festival Part Deux

You know, I should never wait more than a day to post pictures I've taken. As I'm shooting, the dialogue is in my head but a few days (weeks?) later, it's all but forgotten. So I'm forced to rewrite what I am sure was comedy gold. Anyway, let's give this a shot. Last we saw Nikki and Judah, they were off to greet the Figueroas, Pia and Dani. "You guys, this is Judah..." "Are you seriously going to call Raven and tell her that her dad is boning Nikki?" "Of course, I'm her best friend." "But we promised!" Penny squeals. "Those clothes are clearly poisoning your mind." "Lavita Terrell for Channel One news back in Grandville park with Mayor Josephine Boulanger. Mayor Boulanger, what is your favorite part of the Summer Festival?" "Well there is a lot to appreciate here in Grandville. From our mountains to the shore. And we are a truly diverse community. So for me, it's seeing