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Meet the Sister

I was packing up when I realized you hadn't met the sister yet. But first for a bit of their folklore. Their home planet, as yet unnamed, is divided by humanoids that live on land and those that live at sea. Nymeria takes after her nymph mother and Sister like their earthy father. [Sister is a Frankie Stein doll and her hair is flocked with caraway seeds. She wears Jack Sparrow's bandana as a top and another piece of it on the waistband of her Barbie Galadriel dress sleeve. Yes I cut it a long time ago and I'm an idiot. I didn't get a good shot of the skirt at all. It's got a nice hip hugging fit when she stands.] The people of this planet have guarded the Stone of Amaranth for eons. Every lifetime, two females are chosen. One to communicate with the Stone and one to guard her. The one who communicates with the Stone drops her name forever and is only known as Sister. For the first time in hundreds of generations, the pair are sisters. And

New Character in Grandville

Ah, I have something to blog about! I got this gal before Christmas but she was very picky about her outfits and nothing I was able to grab from the closet was fancy enough. I finally unearthed some things and she seems content for now. Introducing Princess Victoire of Zolondia, sister of Prince Victor, aunt to Dani Fear. I am in love with this doll. She looks really different in all sorts of lighting. Dynamite Girl here.   A little Monogram here... She's giving me FR Eugenia here. Anyway Princess Victoire is next in line to the throne after her brother, since he has no children (or so she thinks). She's always taken well to the royal life. She quite likes being better than everyone else, unlike Victor who ran off with that Japanese girl for a year. She is the one who is concerned about the people of Zolondia while he is off on his secret trip [psst, remember, he's in Grandville] It is she who should sit on the throne! Is Victoire a vill