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Happy Birthday to me!

If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll notice my husband always gets my presents waaay early. This year is no exception. My birthday isn't for another 6 weeks or so but my newest addition yesterday! But first, let's talk about Twilight Edward. He is the lead singer of my doll band, The Vinyls. But he's fallen out of  Grandville society because of that stiff body. But I like him. He has interesting hair and looks masculine. But he's so pale, I couldn't find a good body for him. So I got this Justin Bieber set of instruments, one for each of the Vinyls's bandmates. But how could I let Edward on stage?  I remembered seeing Cat from A Doll Affinity  had painted her stiffy to match a new body. But I'm a chicken, so decided to use makeup. I tried several eye shadow colors, which made him look like he was wearing blackface. So I tried my concealer and it was a damn near perfect match to the Harley Davidson body. Concealer is not permanen

New Goodies!

But first, some news: Projects: Still working on the studio space for Remi and Bailey. The Hubs came in and voiced what was in my head, "So where is that kid supposed to sleep? That's messed up. There's no room for him?"  The last thing I wanted in Grandville is a kid's room. I don't want this rated R world changing into something wholesome. Buuut, if there is to be a custody battle for Julian, I have to make the case, right? So on top of the studio space, I'll build a little room for the brat to use. Maybe I'll give it a fun theme or something. Space or sci-fi or something that doesn't involve sports. I'm also working on a space backdrop for Nymeria and her sister. Then I can finally introduce you. I decided to go with a sort of cheesy 60's sci fi movie thing. That's what inspired the Alurium Vaccarra anyway. So, a sort of intentionally cartoony backdrop. The last project for now is my high school. I wanted it to be a three-

Zee Gypsies!

I'm home today, the kids are at school (half day), so I decided to take some pictures with my little window of time. I rarely show the gypsies and one of you guys requested it, so here they are! "Hello, I am Carmen Kirpachi. Welcome to our home." "This is my husband Milosh." "Hallo."  "This is my brother, Franco. While his gaje girlfriend Josephine is in Paris, he's spending a lot more time with us." "Excuse me, I have to put some more wood in the stove so I can get dinner started." "My goat stew is Milosh's favorite but we need to get the pot hot first." "This is my living area, also known as Franco's bedroom. But we don't mind. The Romany love having family around." "Milosh says I drive like a fugitive so he doesn't let me drive very often." "But sometimes I put a glamour on him and he forgets how much he hates my driving." "

Remi and Bailey's Part Two

Okay so the place is done. Ish. The studio is of course, still really raw. And I didn't estimate the actually space properly, so I had to turn the room around. What was imagined to be this: Is now this. Which I actually prefer. Originally it was going to be in the back of the structure so we could have a peek of paint splattered walls from the living room. So that has to be cleaned up a bit. Anyway, here's the tour: Ooops, the stairs are still in my basement workshop. Here's the main level. Correction: Here is Remi shirtless on the main level. Grrrowl! Here's the upper level. Hmm, can't see much up there, can you? This is going to need a redesign unless I move the house to a shorter table. Here's what's upstairs now.  Yeah, you're not missing a whole lot. "You may be acquainted with our shared studio." "That flesh woman promised me a TV! I'm missing Dr. Who!" Remi frets. The room div