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Quick note about comments...

I love your comments. I think without them, I would go into a spiral of self doubt. But stupid Blogger will neither let me reply to your comments, nor even make comment of my own! It does this to me sometimes. I truly appreciate all of your comments. Thank you for the support! If you have any clues on how to solve this problem, let me know! And also, if the blog has trouble loading for you, tell me. I'm trying to clean it up around here... smooches!

Introducing Sabine and Dasha

In the heart of the cold cold city, big time music producer Sabine sits in her office. Her assistant Zarrin walks in. "I've got that contract you asked for." "Thanks Zarrin. How about some coffee?" "Oh yes, of course." "I'd like to not have to ask for it every morning Zarrin," Sabine says gently but firmly. Sabine looks up. "What on earth? Honey, I hired you because you are a legendary party girl. This conservative get up has got to go." Zarrin stands very still, hoping Sabine will stop staring at her with displeasure. "Is Dasha in yet? Will you ask her to come down?" "Of course."  Sabine begins to read over the contracts. "Yeah. What do you want?" "Well aren't we chipper this morning?" "Your idiot assistant didn't make the coffee yet." "My darling Dasha, you can finally have this office."  "Finally. You don't

Ugh whatever. Just, here!

Folks, lemme tell you, I am so tired of my little big project. The big stuff was easy (spray painting and such). That was over weeks and weeks ago. It's been the small stuff. And I'm still nowhere near done but I'll do the rest in Phase Two (Bailey and Remi's wedding). I miss my dolls so hard. I have two new beauties I haven't even taken shots of. I have pretty new clothes that just sit around, unworn, unappreciated, unphotographed. Stories untold! All for this shizz. Before: And today, Grandville's food truck, Enchanted Eats! Lights! "Lavita Terrell here for Channel One News, Grandville. I'm here with Mistress Ava Stronghold in front her food truck, Enchanted Eats!" "Mistress Ava, food trucks are so last week. Why bother? What makes Enchanted Eats different?" "I've got to disagree Lavita. Food trucks have been around as long as humans have had markets. They're just taking a new form. I thin