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Quick note about comments...

I love your comments. I think without them, I would go into a spiral of self doubt. But stupid Blogger will neither let me reply to your comments, nor even make comment of my own! It does this to me sometimes. I truly appreciate all of your comments. Thank you for the support!

If you have any clues on how to solve this problem, let me know! And also, if the blog has trouble loading for you, tell me. I'm trying to clean it up around here...



  1. Blogger trips out on me daily. I haven't figured out yet if this only happens on my iPad or if it'll do the same on desktop. Either way, I feel your pain. Love the new look by the way. No comment needed. ;-) see ya' next post.

  2. So goes blogger. I usually have problems with it telling me I have no followers. I have to refresh several times sometimes to see you guys. Hang in there we are here. :-)

  3. I load from a desktop. No problem getting your site up here. When I used the Dynamic Template, mobile users had trouble loading, accessing all features, and submitting comments. After I changed Templates, things were okay again.

    I'll test your comment section with this comment. Let's see if it goes through.

    BTW - I enjoy your blog. Keep up the fun stuff ;-)

  4. Love the new look!!

    Blogger does suck sometimes. I have had issues with not receiving updates from the blogs that I follow.

  5. Hello from Spain: Blogger works poorly. There are many failures. I can not help you. Sorry. Keep in touch

  6. And we love you too! Sometimes had issues too, no clue how to solve that, but if I'd hear about it, I will let you know :-)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Keep up the good work- I don't understand either... I love your plots and your execution!

    2. Wow, thanks Gabrielle! [The comments seem to be okay when I'm at work...]


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