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Douchebag Ken

After several trips to various Target stores in the area, it became clear to me that this was no way to secure my Douchebag Ken. Carmen has spent enough time alone. So I decided to order him online. They were on sale at Target (but not for $17 so I hated spending the extra money at He arrived today and I opened the package only to be disappointed. He looked crazy. But that's okay. Buy Barbies often enough and you know you have to do at least SOME work to make them usable. I was ready to get started. So begins the grievances: He doesn't have a typical Ken head. By which I mean his neck hole is a "female", like typical action figure guys, not a "male" like most Ken dolls. So that Fashionista body I've been holding onto? Useless.  (I'm sure there's some adapter type thing you clever doll folk know about but still, it's the principle!) So first, I comb him out:  I dunked and dumped boiling-ish water,

Sneaking in a Post

Well I did some redesigning around here. I'm trying to pay more attention to the Vita Plastica name in some effort to separate it from the rest of my life. I have a new Facebook page, a new email address. I was going to do a separate blog and try to convince you all to come over but I managed to work out having admin rights to this blog from my other gmail. Anyway I realized I wasn't giving any props to my new blog friends in my frame, so I've added that, some funky fonts and if I ever figure out how to add a Facebook button... Other dreams and projects: Do you guys ever watch Two and a Half Men? I find that show so funny in spite of myself. Anyway the mom Evelyn has a great condo. It's not my style, but you can just see it as a doll diorama project. Check it out here You gotta love modern homes. So many straight lines. Imagine what I could do with foam core alone. This is the patio entranceway: And the condo from left to right: Okay I better go stop Iris from

On Hiatus

Hello My Friends, Just wanted to do a brief post to let you know I'll be on hiatus for a while to play with my new doll, Isobel Nancy who arrived January 12th. Of course I'm on way to Target looking for Douchebag Ken to play my gypsy man. And my mom has agreed to donate her three 16 scale camels to me and I'll be damned if I don't take some photos of it... Iris is taking it very well. Her new word is "Toes". Life is chaotic but happy. Talk to you soon! Dani and Family: Smooches, Dani


Happy New Year everyone! I've been a bit obsessed with Comic Life since I received it for Christmas. I never realized that not reading comic books can really limit you when you start to create one. Or maybe it gives you total freedom... But it's definitely different than just writing captions, which is what I was doing for a while. You really have to be succinct. Forget all the long speeches. I mean, I know it's possible. The Hubs, a comic FANATIC told me I could just use the same image 5 times and have this long speech. But I know I don't like reading all that, so I'm going to try to avoid that. Unless it's needed for comic value. So anyway, check out the new Vita Plastica site at weebly. Weebly is a bit aggravating to use but hey, it's free. Maybe one of these days I'll buy a domain but until then, I'll deal with the limitations. Anyway I've got loads of character introductions and a couple of photostories. Hope it gives you a good laugh!