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The Return of Vita Plastica

Hi guys, good to be back! Let's get to it, I have a lot to cover. Basement Studio Like I said, I've moved my workshop into the basement. Soon I'll move all my crafty stuff down there and have upstairs purely as a showroom. So here's my workshop so far. Sigh. A work in progress. Dry Brushing I heart dry brushing. It's easy, it dries fast and even when you do a major screw up, it looks awesome. I strongly recommend it for those heavy of hand and prone to mistakes like me. I had one of these Barbie vanities. Was it a My Scene? The one that came with the leopard skin seat. It was originally peach I believe.  I painted it brown and it was serviceable but the model paint began to chip over the years, so I dry brushed it. Behold: It came out so well, I couldn't stop there. My next victim was the dining set I got in trade with Cat from Doll Affinity . I think this will go into Josephine's blue room. I forgot to take a picture, but you'll see

Back with a Vengeance!

Sometimes I get bummed out when I see doll folks doing stuff I'm doing or what I've talked about doing. But I've come to realize that whether they are better than me or a pale imitation, whether they are intentionally copy-catting or just part of the collective consciousness, my voice in the doll world is unique. And me being absent leaves a void that some usurper is going to fill. Without me, where would your dolls know where to get the good drugs and whores? (hee) So I'm back basically. I'm working on a real post with the projects I've been working on, so sit tight. This weekend I'll post something. Fun News: The Hubs and I are sharing a studio space now, so lots of space for noise and chemicals. YAY!  Two Barbies are on their way! I have a stay-cation coming up so I might finally have time to work on the photostories surrounding the wedding. Stay tuned!  The website is being updated:  It's basically changing every day un