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Una Familia Latina!

My friends, life has been very challenging since I decided to rearrange room. I finally had to separate the girls again so someone in the house can get some sleep. Then Isobel decided to cut what must be the biggest tooth ever to emerge from tiny gums. Then Isobel very suddenly is allergic to strawberries and breaks out in a rash everywhere. What? But you've been eating them for months! Anyway, little doll action has happened for the last couple of weeks. Buuuuut, we got a sweet tax return and I got some dolls I've been wanting for a while. So let me introduce, Alejandra (Alex) Figueroa, Grandville's school teacher: I didn't see Hispanic when I looked at her but the Hubs was adamant that she looked Puerto Rican. The more I look at her, the more I see it. Like Maria on Sesame Street. She's a real two-face, she's totally different from another angle or in different light. Here profile is elf-like, no? Reminds me of old timey Dynamite Girls or Eve K

Airplane and Body Art

Hi guys! It's been a minute! My new crazy-busy job and my demented idea to move the girls into one bedroom has eaten up many nights this week. Still I do have something to show for those stolen moments. Miho! I'm pretty proud of this. I can see where I need to clean it up but I wanted to post it because I'm so excited for the future of Grandville tattooing. She needs some water in the background so I might add that later. Look for this tattoo in an upcoming photostory. Really, I mean it. The wedding cake for Dani and Felix arrived. It's got a good height to it, is not covered in pink and it was super cheapo.  I don't think I'm even going to embellish it. Just gotta find the bride and groom for the top and I'm done.  I think. Here she is, Josephine's private jet, La Sirene. I wonder how to make accent marks in Blogger...Eventually there will be a stylized mermaid on either side (with her tail coming down the wing) but I haven't even estab

Changes for Grandville

Because nothing delays a wedding like reorganizing a whole town, Grandville has made a big move this weekend!  I shared a room with my sister growing up and I didn't want my girls to miss out on that experience, so I put them in one room and gave them the big room that housed Grandville as their play room. Instead, I, being of a charitable and noble sort, took the smallest room in the house for my doll town. Honestly speaking, what I need is usable wall space and the small room seems to have more than the big room. And now it doesn't have all that wasted space in the middle of the room. So here's the new Grandville. It's not very different. Just a lot of work moving it all. My doll trading buddy, Angela sent me a load of goodies. I noticed some clothes were a little big for my dolls, so luckily, Ms Fear got to inherit some new stuff.  There are even some pieces that fit June, my transexual. Oooh la la.  Don't worry Ms. Fear, something tells me ther