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Mama Fear's Personality Inspiration

Mama Fear has just returned from getting rerooted (pictures to come). Ya'll know she's gonna be mean and all. I was going to make her sort of old-lady frumpy but this storybook villainess has made me change my mind. Mama Fear might be a fashion icon modeled after Ms. Iris Apfel. This article was inspiring. Dang, she's mean. Like only an old lady can be. Plus Mama Fear's new hair is too beautiful to be hidden in a updo all the time.

You Knew I Wasn't Going Anywhere

Okay well I guess my third hiatus is a failure as well. Let's just say I'll post when I can, when I have something to report. The Hubs is taking both the girls out tomorrow so I can finally start constructing my space ship. What space ship, you say? Well, the Hubs had this awesome wooden 60's light fixture and why he let me have this beautiful thing, I do not know, but I thought it would make a great space ship.  Then I found this outfit on Ebay and it's so weird, I had to have it for my alien lady (or time traveler, not sure yet).  Anywho, we went to Big Lots today and I hoped for a great Barbie and World Peacekeepers selection or even a good pillar candle holder to make into a table. But it was slim pickin's for folks like us. I did however get manage to get some treasures.  I don't collect Monster High, but I do enjoy looking at your pictures of them and as a whole I really like them. (Just can't get addicted to a doll that can't share clot

Oh Don't Look So Suprised

Well, in my last post I mentioned my other obsession, overachiever housewife stuff/manic organizing. So I've been on the housewife blogs and started how to update and improve my Home Management Binder.  There are templates for everything, grocery shopping lists, daily, weekly, monthly schedules, Xmas shopping list, etc. I started working on making schedules for everyone in the house, planning menus, etc.  Fun stuff. Then I get to work and can't remember what doll thing is on order. What is the address for my trading buddy? I want to place an order on The Doll Page and I can't remember who I ordered with on Doll Divas so I can give the new person a reference. What follows is a manic search through my various email accounts. Hmm, couldn't I use some templates to organize doll world? So I decided to create a few. Feel free to do whatever you want with them. If you change and improve them, let me know. I just threw them together so they may need changing once they a

No, I'm Serious This Time

Okay folks, I do say this a lot and it's not like I'm NOT building a dolly space ship right now, buuuut, I'm taking a hiatus from blogging. It's tough adjusting to this new house and getting every room situated while small monsters just want to be under you no matter where you are.  It has just been overwhelming and I feel bad every Monday when I have nothing to show you. Just so you know I haven't been kidnapped (well in a sense, in a sense, I have been "napped" by my kids...), I decided to give it a break until maybe the new year. Ah, now I can have some freedom from my doll obsession and spend money on Xmas vacation, endless Ikea shelves and those things you put in the back seat so your kids are entertained in the car. Now onto my other obsession: overachiever housewife stuff (I'm not a housewife, but I love stuff like meal planning, lists and lists and lists, home organization binders, housewife blogs etc.) smooches, dani

Acquisitions 2010

Man, I went through this blog from the announcement of  Year of Luxury to now and the number of acquisitions makes me ill. And to come away feeling like I didn't get much of anything. So here is the list. I am including gifts here too. I'm not getting into too much detail. This is depressing enough! Smidgehouse sofa FR Luggage Mid Century furniture from Liz Retros Comic Life software Vintage Vinyl Gavin Jonathan Adler Barbie (2) Jonathan Adler Barbie Couch (2) Tripod FDQ: In Focus Photography Lights Digital Camera Punk Rock Outfits Barbie Basics Accessory Pack Dusty (CZ girl) Mattel Wooden Bed World Peacekeeper guy Dragon Body Man head for Dragon body (haven't even revealed this character!) Brunette Ken (aka: Douchebag Ken, aka Gypsy Ken, aka June that transsexual) 3 Camels Small plastic farm, animals Momoko doll Coney Island Poppy Pop Life Dolls (5) They were on sale! Lighthouse Mr. Z First class Harley Davidson couple Mr. Z Fly Girl Barbie

The End of the Spendthrift

Well my friends, Year of Luxury is coming to a close. Year of Prosperity shall begin soon.  This year has been so about buying that I nearly forgot what I did before! So let me tell you what new topics will be discussed here since it won't be Acquisitions! The Cheapskate: I'm going to make it my mission to find doll deals wherever I can. If I can't buy it for $40 or cheaper, I will not get it. Unless it's really really really good. Hee! Seamstressing and all that: Did I tell you that my mom said I would inherit her sewing room? This is what happens when you're the family artist, not that I'm complaining. It's an honor. I come from a long line of seamstresses but as someone who has little spacial reasoning, I'm not sure how well I'll do at this. But anyway, I'll be sewing instead of buying (many) doll clothes. Design Inspiration: Let's make a list of all the things I was supposed to build or decorate: Holly Golightly's apartment

Grandville Comes Together (LOTSA PICTURES!)

I'd been feeling kind of down lately. As you can tell by my blog, I just have no time to be in my doll room now. It's upstairs and usually me and the kids are downstairs and when I do set them up upstairs, they want to be in the doll room with me too. And little crawling Isobel has a knack for finding the most dangerous thing in the room and putting it in her mouth. But I got my mother to babysit the kids all day so the Hubs and I could enjoy our respective hobbies. He cleaned the house (sucker) and I hung out in the doll room. The plan was to make my cobblestone street for an upcoming photo project. There were a few different way to do this: 1. Get a big piece of foam and carve out the cobbles. I tried this with some foam core. Um, no. 2. Make a stamp out of clay or something and stamp out the cobblestones. 3. Roll out some clay and carve the cobblestones 4. Make individual stones out of clay 5. Visit hobby shop and hope for something that will pass for 1/6th sca