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Happy Anniversary to me and the Hubs!

Okay so our anniversary isn't until February 8th but the Hubs got into the spirit early! Forgive me as I figure out how to do lighting. But hey, I'm using lights! Grandville's favorite pusher, Morgan cruises in her new Mini Cooper with new beau (and new Obitsu body). "And they told me to go to college ?" "I hope you know if you touch that steering wheel, you'll be pulling away a stump." You've probably seen the interior photos but here you go:  "I lurve this car!" And I also: Fixed Rockabilly Zeke's pompadour (Legolas Ken) Made just the saddest park bench you've ever seen Found a proper home for the cafe.  Blew like $100 on wedding dresses.  Including this doll below. There's a story behind this, wanna hear it? Great, take a seat. So I'm in my early twenties and I'm walking through the mall and one of those survey people stop me. I mostly hate talking to people but I'm dr

Blog's a Changin'

I just took a look at some of Blogger's new layouts and they look really cool. So I'm going to be fiddling around here for the next week to see what I like best and what works for all of you. Please comment and let me know how you like it or hate it. Blogger has been temperamental lately but I hope this will work! smooches, dani

The Flagstone Walkway and Repainting!

I'm my own worst critic, but I am really pleased with this flagstone walkway.  I think Dolly University is really paying off. Okay I haven't called it Dolly University in a while. No one was joining in the fun and I never feel comfortable doing a tutorial unless the result is worthy of one. So I just show the results. But I will tell you, I just ripped up some paper egg cartons glued the "stones" down with a little Elmer's and did some dry brushing with gray paint and then a little green. The texture of the egg cartons did all the work. I used this tutorial as well as the links at the bottom of that page. Before:  After: Okay so the "grout" got a little messy but I am too lazy to fix it up and too afraid I'll make it worse. And really, what pictures will be from this angle? I'll show the finished park soon. I was going to buy a park bench but why not make it? So there's that, then mulch for the ground beneath the trees. The gra

Wedding Schmedding.

There are a great many things which people celebrate and treasure that I find incredibly boring and dorky. Graduation ceremonies, Christmas decorations, actually celebrating holidays at all and friggin' weddings. Ugh, weddings. Dreadings . This is my wedding picture: This is in the office of the Justice of the Peace. Just how I always dreamed it would be. I'm serious! Months later we had a big reception and as I was planning it (picture it: fire breathers, burlesque dancers, Chinese fan dancers!), I broke out in hives. I kept a few acts, but had to mellow it WAY out. All in all, it may have cost $500. (including my two dresses) The Hubs is a DJ and all our friends are artists, so all the talent was free and even the venue bartered some free DJ nights. So we had lots of mula left to furnish our house. I find that much more romantic than blowing $10k on one day that tortures all your family and friends (except for two minutes when they say 'I do', and they&#

Need Advice!

Hi guys, I need some advice. I was redressing my Momoko and I broke her wrist! It's pretty much irreparable. I was going to just crazy glue it but I lost the little post that makes the wrist move.  I was just going to give her a story line. This is terrible. So can I get a Momoko arm anywhere?  I tried an Obitsu arm I have hanging around and that didn't work. I could rebody her but no one on earth is as pale as she is, even my palest doll! The Hubs had a great idea that i might try. Give her a robotic arm. He even dismantled some action figure to help me out. This is a cool idea. Hardly realistic but I think the lines of realism in Grandville will start blurring. Anyway, got any other solutions? Replacement Momoko bodies? Dang, those girls are expensive and look so much like children that it's really hard to give them boyfriends. I don't want another one. But I live Morgan, my drug dealer. Please help! Someone please lend a hand! (okay couldn't resist that


Oh my lovies, I am so busy at work, which seems to be the only place I can work on this blog. I haven't been doing much since the holiday. But I did receive my belated Xmas gifts (wanted to spend all the money on the kids, so I only got the lonely lighthouse keeper and a Justin Beiber outfit) Anyway I got the two Fallen Angels accessory packs. They are a perfect fit for Dynamite bodies. And yes all my fine attempts at lighting are gone! Oh I also got the Barbie Basics (bathing suit gals) accessory pack. The blue one. I'm trying to make it work for June the transsexual but I promptly lost the belt. I had a little mula burning a hole in my pocket but I couldn't find anything to buy.  A bench for the park?  A rocking chair for my lighthouse keeper? Much needed plain t-shirts? No! Something totally unnecessary! This crap! Mostly I'm just looking for wedding dresses for Dani and I plan on buying every white dress I see. Plus Rock Hudson is hella handsom

Working Vacation

Happy New Year you guys!!!! Ah, back at work after a nice long vacation. And I'm totally swamped so let's get to it: I had a lots of fits and starts but I did manage to get some work done! I busted my hump for 11 days but remembered to take pics yesterday so I apologize! I did use some lighting though, you'd be proud. But then come two little imps who were so excited about the strange cords going around the room, followed by high pitched screaming (by me), so yeah don't bet too excited about future lighting.. First of all, remember the lighthouse? Sad, incorrectly scaled thing. Well look at her now (still not to scale) The very top was made of a half circle of foam core, scored on one side and painted black.  The window panels are from a Barbie box, hot glued, then covered in the crease and the base with electrical tape. The top walkway is a piece of foam core, covered in contact paper. The fencing is a dollhouse white picket fence flipped pointy side