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Needing Some Quick Advice

Hey dolly pals, I'm moved in, I'm unpacking and I'll have some shots of the room for you soon.  However, I need a little help in the downsizing department. So before I learned how to spray paint furniture well (enough) or know the value of sealers or how to take care of nice things (still don't), I did some very sad damage to well molded plastic. Mostly, just chipping paint. Sooooo: Is there any way to come back from chipping paint? Other than little touch ups? Does it involve like sanding and stuff? How much work am I in for? Does anyone buy, trade for or accept as donation, any items like this? If you are a doll crafter and can bring back furniture painted badly, would you want it? For free? However the answer I want to hear is "Dump it." smooches, dani

Patience is Overrated.

Hi folks, I feel like one of the kids, "Are we in our new house yet?" when they know they are sitting in the middle of a maze of boxes in their OLD home. Today is the first day of our new lease but I won't be fully in the home until the end of February. I'll be taking a week off at the end of the month, so hopefully Grandville will be up and running by then! I can TASTE my new doll room and it's so frustrating to wait. We have to get the house and carpets professionally cleaned, we have to paint a couple of rooms before we even begin to move in. Ugh, the waiting!!!! So let's make a list. Lists are good. In the new place, I'll have a doll room I can hang out in at night, so I can set up some permanent lights which means more photostories! So here are the goals for the new house: Photostories! Lots of stories that were in progress or just forgotten. Less focus on big crafts and more focus on doll crafts, like reroots and stuff Quality not qua