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On the Re-Organization Train!

Inspired by Muff and The Grandmommy, I decided to come out of my summer hiatus (what can I tell you, I got a Roku and have been abusing Netflix pretty heavily) and post my own reorganization attempts.

So here's some back story. I've destroyed the Grandville monarchy. Well, Dani has abdicated. This life isn't really for her.

She tried some charity work to give herself a purpose but she was never allowed to be in the trenches. Only cutting ribbons, donating over-sized checks to charities, smiling and shaking hands for the camera. The one time she tried for some personal connection, the press captured her in action and it was a scandal in the castle. The Peasant Princess, they called her.

Anyway, Victoire has taken the symbolic throne but she's not likely to have stories. But she will have photos because she is just gorgeous.

Part Two of the back story: (Hold on, I'm getting there.)
I haven't been posting much but Grandville continues to grow in number of residents. After getting the Barbie wardrobe and the Modern Comfort Kitchen, space was becoming a real problem. Both sets are pretty big and my doll rooms were not accommodating.

After watching the Sweet Shop Froggy Stuff video, I toyed with the idea of using rooms as storage for tiny items that are just sitting in drawers and bins, ignored. That kitchen just begged for Re-ment and my best Barbie food pieces.

So I decided break things down. Rooms would be more general. One good kitchen, one bathroom, a couple of bedrooms, and maybe finally some shops and stuff?

So here is where I began. Ugh, don't judge, I now get one hour a day for dolls so it's a wreck. I didn't even show you my work table. Embarrassment.

You'll see the photo of Dani above was set up on the left. It's an upside-down desk hutch. I had an idea to use it as a photography station. And it was fine but a space-killer.

Next to that on the floor is a shelf with the Zolandia bathroom and dressing room. Mistress Ava's house is next with her food truck below.

Then we have clear bins and a pile of crap I was going to sell but gave to the kids. Blocking my fire exit is a rolly drawer thing. Clothes fly everywhere whenever I open a drawer. Next is Bailey and Remi's. I was planning on giving them the kitchen you see on their lower level but I couldn't make all four pieces work and keep their living room.

There's Hot Wax and Heroes and the music room above. My dive bar bathroom above that. Next is Josephine's House for Wayward Girls. There's a photoshoot happening there, pictures at the end of this post.

Poor Grandville Park. Every bit of crap that I'm working with ends up here. And a tv tray that's holding that blue box...and a bin...and some dolls...and a rug.

Next is Sabine's house maybe? I hadn't decided at that point. The Barbie wardrobe, sitting in the only place I could fit it (at the time).

 Below that, a bin of fabric, one of greenery and dolls in those plastic drawers over yonder.

And now: (Please note that I just ordered the A-frame Dream House so this set up will be entirely different in a week.)

Club Population getting set up:

The club's bathroom is off to the side but will sit on top of the club once I make it a little roof.

Formerly upstairs at Mistress Ava's house. Hooks that once held whips and handcuffs now hold a cast iron skillet and baskets. I really need to cover that ceiling in white.

Below that the Glamour room is taking shape. Victoire seems to comfort Dani for losing the throne.

Below that, the most popular items like dresses and tops move to bigger bins.  The kids got the rolly cart for their craft materials. On the lowest shelf are foam core walls and random junk like a rubber chicken.

On the next shelf is Grandville High. The last Grandville High was that terrible pale green. This is much more logical for a fancy private school. And there's Zolandia's castle, collecting dust.

Below, Remi and Bailey lose their bedroom and keep their living room. Here Remi and his sister Nikki welcome their cousin Tooki de la Vega, new Grandville DJ. (That girl will get the spotlight she deserves soon.) One of my favorite scenes in Absolute Beginners is this one at the beginning when the main character is getting ready in his Skid Row apartment and uses a vintage fridge to store his records and turntable. Thought it would be cute for my favorite copule.

The royal bathroom is now where I will display the fancier jewelry and shoes. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It will probably be combined with the glamour room.

I'm using the lower level for some of my better quality/favorite outfits.

Aw, look, I made a little alley but it will probably be taken down shortly. I love those pencil holders! I made garbage bags out of one of those black plastic bags you get from convenience stores (okay, liquor stores).

Josephine's house will be the cafe/restaurant. Any royal business will transpire in the blue room. I may use it as a dining room also. Above that? I dunno, maybe storage. I can't get my camera up there without some risk of physical harm. I added some foliage to the back of my fence (Froggy Stuff again) but it looks crazy so I'll be changing that. This entire table (from jewelry/clothing rooms to Josephine's house) will be dedicated to the A frame house and cottage so it can have a bit of freedom.

This house ended up holding Sabine's office, a general bedroom and Sooki's studio apt. But I'm not feeling much of it.

I started moving the VIPs into one of those shoe organizers. When things are settled, they'll all be dressed and settled, then the B list (in those plastic drawers) will live here so I can see them and maybe their hair will forgive me.

The spooky storage closet holds my extra furniture and the God forsaken doll boxes.

So here it is, still a friggin' mess, but a marked improvement.

 And now for something completely different.

Penny enjoys a engrossing tome.

 A stranger approaches. Josephine watches over her charge.  

"Why hello Malcolm," Penny growls, Mae West-style. 

"Hey, just uh, wondering if you wanted to hang out some time."
"Hmm, what do we think Josephine?" Penny asks, knowing her guardian is always close. 

 "Perhaps. As long as this young man plans on doing that hanging out here in the house, under my watchful gaze."
Malcolm begins to sweat but manages a smile.

  Yeah, that's it. I lost interest in mid-shoot. I want to film a love story but not this one. Penny has a boyfriend. The End.

I'll be back with Tooki and the new house!



  1. I so love seeing others doll spaces and a little "behind the scenes". I'm totally breaking in one night and playing in your dolly room. My husband thinks I have too much doll stuff and I just laugh because he has no idea.

  2. I love the sense of humor with which you approach this! Your doll room looks a lot like mine -- well, you are actually a bit more organized than I am! If you want to take a look, I started a blog at I think my disorganization will make you feel a lot better!

  3. Dani, I think we are all catching the Muff organization bug. Lol! Mine is far worst than your before pics. I am in the process of clearing it out so that I can begin the organization process so that I can post much work ugh! Anyways, your room look great! I love the behind the scene pics. I love how you have created various spaces. I hope to create several apartments one day. I am giving myself until the end of the year to make it all happen. Nice post and great job!

  4. What a spread of awesomness! I'm trying to reorganize my doll stuff too, but I'm so far from what I see here :-( I't's hard doing your own business with a mother and two sisters who are against your dolls. Hope to manage to live alone one day, very soon

  5. It's nice to see you efforts. I've been in an organizing mood for the past few months. I'm dedicated to getting it all pared down to the essentials. I have dolls, furniture, & doll clothes that need to hit the streets. It's hard work but I created the monster I now have to slay :O)

  6. Wow, you have an amazing collection of doll items! I definitely need to catch the cleaning/organizing bug. I have tons of ideas but haven't done much. I can't wait to see what you do with the A-Frame Barbie house.

    Took I and Remi look good together! Good going their cousins...might have been an issue with Bailey. ;-)

    I'm still kicking myself for never picking up a Josephine Baker when she was just $40 on IT. What was I thinking? :-/

    Nice post...

  7. Thanks for the shout out! You had me cracking up! A rubber Chicken?lol Hopefully Muff's magic will continue to spread. I am still organizing. I just cleaned and organized my kitchen cabinets! I can't stop! A post about it coming soon! I like what you have done with the room and you have some fabulous stuff! Now time for a story!

  8. Congratulations on starting and on reaching the point you have reached. Yay!

    As you have read in the comments, one person's disorganized is another person's organized. Like others here, I LOVE seeing other people's doll stuff. I feel relief that I am not alone in having lots of stuff. And it's fun to see who has what and how things look deboxed, etc.

    So thanks for sharing. Best wishes for continued rearranging to meet your satisfaction.

  9. It took me an hour to finish this post because I enlarged each photo so I could stare at every single detail. I love peering though other people's collections. I have to say though that my favorite thing was that home security machete you have hanging on the door. That's sweet! My machete doesn't have a fancy leather holder like yours. Jealous!

  10. I'm on an organization kick, too. For my studio, for my growing fabric collection, and also for my growing collection of dolls and doll accessories. My goal is to give my gals more room to spread out so they don't feel so claustrophobic -- which means perusing Pinterest for doll storage/doll wardrobe ideas and mayyyybe trying my hand at building some small wooden shelves/room boxes. I'm also collecting square cookie tins for doll beds so I can showcase the quilts I've started making. The tins are great storage, too.

    Anyway, enough about me. Your blog is so much fun! I love getting to see all your doll rooms and meet your characters. I hope this means you're on hiatus from your blogging hiatus????

  11. Your room is amazing. I admit I poured over those photos and loved so many of your storage solutions. Like you I also work in limited space, so it’s serious business to see what clever ideas people come up with. For me, organization and weekly clean-up is the best way to function.

    p.s. I’ve heard others complain that Blogger doesn’t allow them to respond to posts. I also can’t find anywhere on my blogger dashboard. I solve the problem by visiting my blogger site as though I were a visitor and responding to people’s posts that way. Not sure if that will work for you, but it’s an idea. But don’t worry too much. It’s enough that you post.

    Dolly hugs!

  12. thanks for showing everything, it's so inspiring! your dioramas, rooms, houses, sceneries are gorgeous!


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